Monday, March 25, 2013

MYMM: Concerts

It's me longing for summer again. Concerts. Probably because so much new information has been released for summer concerts here, and the fact that a lot has been here lately. Here are a few tips to mind your manners.
1. Try to respect others' space. We know it's a tall order, and it's impossible in some respects. That girl wants to see Taylor Swift as much as you do, so don't use force!
2. Do not block people's views. I had one of my worst concert experiences ever when the man (grown man) in front of me would not get off of his chair and was blocking everyone's view. He basically said no way and kept standing up there. (bizarre much?) Same goes with posters. As darling as they might be, they can really get in the way!
3. Be careful with any food/drink that you have. Try not to spill or kick anything over. Everyone around you will be bummed out.
4. Please, keep attire appropriate.
5. Thank everyone who works at the venue.


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