Monday, March 11, 2013

MYMM:College Facebook Groups

If you're a senior like me, or you graduated in a previous year, chances are you've been in a _____ University Class of 20__ Facebook group. People are annoying. Here are a few tips to make sure you're not "facebook famous" the first day of class.

1. Limit your posting. I know, you have 9 million questions, just ask someone specific. Don't post: "what are the meal plans?" or "how much does living in __ dorm cost?" Chances are, fellow freshmen are wondering the same thing.
2. Only introduce yourself one time, if at all. It's great to introduce yourself, but only do it once. Or not at all. I swear this one guy has introduced himself 5+ times!
3. Don't friend everyone in the group. Yes, a girl literally has done that.
4. Don't post anything too personal. i.e not the best place to ask what to get your boyfriend for his birthday.
5. Be nice to everyone, don't bash other schools, Greek organizations, sports teams, other campus activities. It reflects poorly on you!


1 comment:

  1. Reflecting back on college this really makes me laugh! 3 is so true! There are always a handful of people that friend everyone and you might never even meet them. And 5 is VERY true. Who knows who will be in your orientation group, your floor or your class project team. Judge people once you meet them and don't offend them before you do!

    I'll add one too: Don't find your roommate this way. I was warned and didn't listen. Trust the university's system for dorm matching. Overall, truly random roommates work out better on average than ones students choose for themselves!