Monday, June 11, 2012

MYMM: Beaches

We all love to go to the beaches! Lucky for those of you who aren't landlocked, you probably have the privilege to go often. A few basic tips will keep you polite!

1. Don't take up too much space. Only use the chairs you need, and only use so much ground space as you need, especially if it's crowded.
2. Clean up after you leave. Don't leave trash and towels for others to clean up after.
3. Respect marine life. As tempting as it is to take sand dollars and starfish, they are animals too! Leave them where they live too.
4. If you're playing a game, keep it out of the way of other people. The last thing anyone would want would be to hit a little boy with a ball.
5. Dress Appropriately. Keep your swimsuits appropriate, make sure you would be ok with an elderly  couple seeing your look!

Keep minding those manners!


  1. I wish everyone at my favorite beach (Ft. Lauderdale) could read this! Silly tourists, learn some manners ;)

  2. Amen about dressing appropriately! I suppose I can't complain, though; people at my beach in York, Maine are pretty polite.