Sunday, June 10, 2012

Tools For Swimming

So, here are a few helpful things, not all required but many are very helpful, others are great if you become more advanced or fall in love with it.

  • Goggles.  Many of you don't swim with goggles, but they are almost crucial for lap swimming. The chlorine will irritate your eyes, and it makes it easier to see.
  • Towel. Standard, you probably have one already!
  • Fins. These are actually so much fun to use, but they aren't needed. Use them to kick freestyle or butterfly. Many places allow you to borrow them.
  • Swim Caps. Many girls will want one because they protect your hair from the chlorine and keep your hair out of your face. You can get these for under $10.
  • Pull Buoy. These are hard to use, they are for as you advance. You put one between your legs to pull with your arms. You can probably borrow these as well.
  • A swim suit. As darling as your Trina Bikini is, that will be hard to swim in. They come in one piece and two piece styles, I prefer one piece. You can probably buy them on sale at sports authority or Dicks. Make sure to try them on for fit!
  • Kick Board. These are so great! You can probably borrow one of these as well, but they are great to strengthen your legs.
Let us know if you're a swimmer!!

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  1. I swam competitively all four years for my high school team, plus several years on a year-round team and a summer league team. I continued to swim laps regularly for exercise all through college but don't so much anymore. I mainly run and do the elliptical for exercise now, but your posts are making me want to get back in the pool more regularly!
    PS. Last night I tried the nail drying trick y'all blogged about awhile back-and it was so helpful!