Saturday, February 23, 2013

Guide to Snuggly Snow Days

Happy Snow Day! By now, we've each had classes/school cancelled, and it's awesome. We thought it would be fun to share some of things we've enjoyed on our snow days. 

Patagonia / Old Navy pajamas / Wide shoes / Face mask / Essie nail polish, $12 / Williams-Sonoma Hot Chocolate / Orla Kiely Acorn Cup Mug, $12

The Outfit
-Cuddly pajama bottoms or yoga pants, slippers, fleece of your choice! If you're at home and you won't see anyone (or if you're at college and don't care) it's the perfect day to cuddle in your pjs!
The Activities
-The best part about snow days are that you can basically do whatever, schoolwork optional. It's fun to skip it on a day off!
-Nails/Face Masks. It's a perfect time to have a spa day. Paint your nails, and try a face mask to help you relax or to moisturize your skin!
-Read magazines or books. They are perfect. I read a ton on snow days. It's a great time to catch up on magazines!
-Hot Chocolate. This classic snow day tradition, and it's a yummy one. Grab your favorite mug and make some good old hot cocoa, or hot tea if you prefer.
-Watch TV and movies. Cold and gross days lend themselves to watching movies and catching up on your favorite shows!
-For those true dare devils, go out and play in the snow! Build a snowman! Have a snow ball fight! Go sledding!

Have you enjoyed any snow days yet? How have you spent them?

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  1. I'm so jealous you guys get snow days. I've never had a snow day in my life. :( We most typically get warnings for heat advisories when it's over 120.

    xx - Danielle