Sunday, February 17, 2013

Time Management For High School Students

It's Sunday. We know what we need to do. You all do too. You probably have school work or other work. Yup. We do. High school is so different from college. We've both managed to make it through high school (a few more months for C!) With pretty decent grades (not to toot our own horns!) But the skill of time management is crucial, and takes practice.

1. Make a daily to do list. This can help about everyone if you're not in the habit of doing so already. Maybe you have a notebook or use your planner. Write it every morning (part of a routine) or every night before bed for the next day. You can always add and check off stuff during the day!

2. Keep a "weekly layout". I do it on my laptop and in a notebook. Use this for things in advance, like to plan your work outs of the week or a babysitting gig. This is best done on Sundays for me, that way I force myself to look through my planner (no excuse for oops, I forgot that Lit Analysis was due THIS Wednesday!) This goes for things you know way in advance, and then add on (in a different color) things that come up.

3. Force yourself to go to bed earlier. Y'all wonder: how can you go to bed early when you have XYZ due tomorrow? Our answer: don't do XYZ at 10:00 the night before its due. Not procrastinating is key, especially when it's a project you know a month in advance. Teachers don't give projects out so far ahead because they need to plan out things, they do it because it takes you that much time to work adequately.

4. Find what your priorities are, in order. School comes first. Probably what your parents say (ours do too.) For example, School Work--> Work Work--> Sports/Extra Curriculars --> TV/Blogging/Anything that is seen as "fun". When we miss blogging, it is because we have other things that are more important. A blog post for Tuesday never comes before a calc test on Tuesday.

5. Space out your studying. How many of us have crammed? All of us. It works, until you realize how much better things are when you spread them out! Try to allow 20 minutes per subject (or so) a night, even if you have "no homework." Reviewing those notes night by night will make chapter tests a lot easier and save you more time than the usual cramming for 2+ hours the night before. 

What did we miss?


  1. This is great advice! I am a freshman in college and I started making daily to do lists as well as the weekly list. They honestly keep me on track and make me feel accomplished when I can check things off my list.


  2. This is great advice!!! i will totally use this when finals come around!!!!
    Follow me?
    -Jen <3 :D