Monday, February 25, 2013

MYMM: College Tours [guest post!]

Rebecca has agreed to enlighten us today on her college tour tips! We are so grateful for her post, and adore her blog! Everyone should check out her blog and follow! xoxo, A+C
Hey y’all!  My name is Rebecca, and I blog over at life with rMe.  I was so glad with A & C agreed to let me guest post today!  As a tour guide with the admissions office at my college, I give a lot of tours and interact with a lot of prospective students.  As juniors begin to look at colleges and seniors finish up any last minute visits, I thought it would be useful to do a Mind Your Manners Monday regarding admissions tours and visits!

Ask Questions
Besides using questions as a way to show interest in your tour, if you don’t ask any questions, it forces me to talk at you for an hour and a half.  You don’t know how frustrating the tours are for me when the family doesn’t talk or ask any questions.  As prepared as tour guides are, they only have so many interesting stories and jokes to tell!

Don’t trash talk other schools
Even if you are talking about our rival schools, it’s not nice to talk badly about other schools!  It makes me wonder what you would say about my school to a tour guide at another school.  I’m a tour guide because I love my college, and I would hate for you to talk badly about it with a tour guide at Rival University.

Tell your tour guide at the beginning if there is something specific you want to see
As amazing as your tour guide may be, she can’t read your mind!  Also, most campus tours will not include EVERY building on campus.  So if you want to see the riding facilities or the art studios, make sure your tour guide knows!  She may not be able to take you on the tour, but she will probably be able to arrange something that you can see them!  I know for me, our art barn isn’t on the main part of campus, but I’m always willing to give the family a map with the route to the art barn highlighted so they can drive up after their tour!

Come to your tour having done some research on that college
You wouldn’t believe how many people come into an admissions tour not knowing the first thing about my college!  I understand that you might get colleges confused, but when you bring up your major and it’s not even a program we offer…

I hope y’all have some great campus tours, and be sure to thank your tour guide at the end!  Even though it is my job and I do get paid to give the tours, it is something I truly enjoy.  I’m always looking for ways to make my tours better, and sometimes that comes in the form of advice from the prospective family.  But even if you didn’t enjoy your tour, thank your guide!  (PS, how many of y’all want to hear my ghost stories while we’re on tours?  Over the summer I researched ghost stories on my campus to tell during the tour, but I’m always scared the family will be freaked out and never return to my school!)


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