Wednesday, September 19, 2012

College Visit Outfits

This is a field we are both pros at!! College visits have become much more "casual" for people. It's not uncommon to see people sporting sweats, yoga pants, or leggings. (we know you would never do that!) Here are some non-blue denim looks we love!

Look 1: Navy pants, sweater, and scarf. I think it's some important to add a fun twist to an outfit! This polka dot scarf does the trick.
Look 2: Red denim and camel sweater. This is a super cute and fun look. It's put together, but not boring.
Look 3: A fun twist on the classic blazer and button down look! Throw on those fabulous cobalt jeans to change it up.

-Comfortable shoes. No heels. You will be miserable.
-We don't like wearing blue denim, but it is acceptable as long as you're wearing something nice on top.
-No obvious labels. This is not the time to sport your Reva flats or Louis Vuitton purse. Of course, classic jewelry is fine, but you wouldn't want to come off as snooty or materialistic.
-You want a cardigan or jacket. trust us.
-Dresses and skirts can be difficult. You might be sitting down in an awkward place or a bench, so pants are the safest bet. 


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