Friday, September 7, 2012

To Take To Test

It's test morning...don't forget anything with this guide!

1. Cardigan/Jacket. If you're not wearing one, you want to bring one. You never know the room temperature. Also cardigans and jackets are easier on and off than sweatshirts, so we recommend one of the two!
2. Luna/Nutrition Bar. Our tutors both advised us to eat one at the break, and we think they keep you more full and focused.
3. Graphing Calculator.
4. Pink Pearl Erasers and Ticonderoga Pencils. (if you're neurotic like we are!)
5. ID and Admission Ticket!!!
6. Water Bottle

Did we forget anything? Let us know!


  1. I always forget to bring a cardigan with me and then I pay for it later!! I'm the girl that's ALWAYS cold in the classroom. Or the mall. Or the restaurant. :)

  2. All of this is so true! Spot on. :) Like Caitlin, I alwaysalwaysalways forget a cardigan even when I KNOW it'll be chilly!