Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Steal or Real Deal?


Which do you like better? Can  you tell the difference between the two?

Yes, yes, yes...Most of you reading this will probably immediately recognize that magically mystical H belt from Hermès. And that Hermès orange! Couldn't miss it for the life of you. But what about that second belt? Tortoise shell enamel? How cute?! And the leather is also Hermès orange. But there's a C instead of an H...interesting. Don't worry, the second belt also has an H letter buckle option. 

Guess what the biggest difference between the two belts is...

Hermès- $780ish
C Wonder- $48 (leather belt) + $38 (tortoise letter belt buckle)/ $28 (gold plated letter belt buckle)

We're headed to the C Wonder store as you read this, don't worry. 

Which one would you buy? 


1 comment:

  1. I have yet to buy from C Wonder, but I have pinned so many of their little pieces to my Pinterest. Completely DYING over the ginger jars. I love me some blue and white now!