Friday, September 21, 2012

Steal or Real Deal?

There have been many posts on this topic, I know. But: this is from a personal point of view.

The Bubble Necklace
Real Deal:
J.Crew $150

The Steal:
Ebay or Etsy
between $10-25

I chose the steal. I ordered one off of eBay from a US seller and it was fairly inexpensive. I can't justify spending $150 on costume jewelry. The one from eBay might not hold up as well, but you could buy like 7 from the price of one J.Crew piece.

Have you joined in on this trend? Do you have a real or a fake?


  1. I'm beginning to think anybody who actually buys the real deal is insane; I can't tell the difference at all! I haven't gotten one, though; I'm really weird about jewelry, haha.

  2. I bought a fake and I have received nothing but compliments!