Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Job Interview Chic

Here are some looks we love! We received a tumblr request to post some looks!
Look 1: Blouse and black slacks. Fairly basic. Put together but not boring!
Look 2: Skirt and button up. The skirt print adds some interest. Throw on some nude pumps!
Look 3: Blouse, khakis, and blazer. Put together and chic.

In General:
-Don't wear shoes that hurt. You could get a tour and walk around a ton!
-Closed toed shoes are a must.
-In general, don't expose too much leg or chest. Have sleeves.
-Don't be afraid to be yourself-but still look professional!
-A pop of color or texture is great.
-Make sure your outfit is comfortable, well fitted, hemmed etc.

Good luck!

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  1. I have a career fair on Wednesday at school and have been trying to decide what to wear. As of now it's between a J.Crew tweed mini with a sweater or dress pants, a jcrew blouse, and a cardigan