Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Gift Guide: Elder Women

I know the title sounds condescending and like we're implying "old lady", but what we mean is gifts for your mother, aunt, neighbor, family friend, or grandmother. These vary a lot from the young teen and twenty-somethings that we think most of you fall into.

1. Lollia Hand Creme: (my mother's favorite!)
2. Spa/Manicure Giftcard
3.Coffee + Coffee Mug
4. Kate Spade Hand in Hand Bangle
5. Jo Malone Candle
6. Cashmere Socks: (don't laugh! Many people would love to get these!)
7. Photo Frame: (throw in a photo of you and your grandmother and you have a winner holiday gift.)

Now is the time to get a gift that will benefit the woman! Don't give your mom a cookbook, unless she specifically wants it. That implies: make me this truffle pan seared flank with haricot verts right now. Moms are constantly doing things for us, so now is the time to remember THEM!


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