Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Road Trip Necessities

In continuation with yesterday's post, here are some things we love to have (maybe we don't need them all....) 

1. Car Charger: Almost always forgotten, but so helpful.
2. Healthy Snacks
3. Not So Healthy Snack
4. Water Bottle (don't drink too much!)
5. Headphones
6. iPod or iPhone with some new music!
7. Magazines
8. iPad/nook/Kindle:If you have an iPad lucky duck!
9. Book (if you're unlike me and get nauseous from reading.
10. Pillow
11. Blanket
12. Fuzzy socks
13. Rollerball of your perfume
14. Chapstick
15. Evian Spray (not remotely a necessity but I really want to try it! I would love any thoughts haha.)
16. Lotion

What are your road trip necessities?? Let us know!

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