Sunday, November 11, 2012

Layered Looks

Layering is a staple in most of our fall wardrobes. From class to errands to getting coffee, we never know how cold it's going to be outside, in the car, and at our destination. So, obviously we layer. The idea of this post is to go by horizontal row. you can peel off one by one, starting with the far right. Pair with a jeans/boots combo.
Look #1: The button down/cardigan/vest look. It's easy to pull off your vest in class, and still look perfect. Such a great fall basic.
Look #2: The button down/blazer/scarf look. This can be dressed up easily by swapping out the jeans for cords and muting down the blazer. We love the pop of pink. Also easy to take off the scarf and blazer.
Look #3: The tee/cardigan/coat look. Probably more fit for winter winter, when it's freezing. Great for running around.

How do you layer?


  1. I wear cardigans with almost everything it seems! They're the perfect layering tool but I will always love my extensive collection of pea coats!

  2. these are great winter outfits! that pink blazer (and the rest of the outfit) is perfect. love the blog, now following! :) xo-ally