Friday, November 16, 2012

Spread The Love

With this upcoming holiday focusing on "giving thanks," we think it's essential to share some love and give other people something to be thankful for on this holiday, that most of us take for granted. It's hard to imagine how many people there are who have nowhere to go, no way to feed their family, or no house to have family over. Both of us are involved with volunteer work, and think it is essential in keeping ourselves down to earth and well rounded. Plus, it makes us feel great and valuable as people. On this holiday, we have a few ways to "spread the thanks."

1. Use This site is a master list of food pantries throughout the whole US. Use this to find a place where you can volunteer or donate food to, if you don't already have a place you know of!

2. Find a Turkey Trot. These little foot races are pretty common throughout the US. Frequently, one brings a turkey to participate in the race which is then donated to a family.
3. Volunteer. This doesn't have to be at a traditional food pantry or place where people are served. Many churches host events like this throughout cities, and many youth groups organize an effort. Check it out.
4. Volunteer somewhere else. A children's shelter/safe place. The sad reality is that many kids will be without their families on Thanksgiving. What a valuable thing to do on Thanksgiving morning!
5. Get your family and friends involved. We often do something as a family, either a turkey trot or volunteer as a family around this time. It's a great way to bond and give back.

Do you do anything special for Thanksgiving beyond the norm?
Let us know!

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