Thursday, November 15, 2012

Show Thanks

Thanksgiving is officially in one week. We love this holiday, but we think it's important to actually "give thanks" and show your love for your friends!

Thursday: Call up a close friend who is out of town just to say how much you love them.
Friday: Invite a friend who does a lot for you for coffee, and treat them.
Saturday: Surprise a friend with their favorite baked good at their house/dorm room, just leave it there!
Sunday: Send a card to a friend who means a lot.
Monday: Do something nice for a friend, whether it be to help her with her homework or showing support at an event she is involved in.
Tuesday: Send a few "good morning" texts out!
Wednesday: Compliment a friend on something you know he or she is self conscious about (i.e a presentation or her hair.)
Thursday: Invite a friend over who may not have somewhere to go on this Thanksgiving.

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