Monday, April 30, 2012

A's April Favorites

How does time fly so quickly?! Crazy. So much to share with you this month!

I've been using this yummy smelling conditioner all month and I love it!! So refreshing and my hair has been smoother and shinier! 

I am legitimately obsessed with Humans of New York. Its basically a page of photographs of people in New York taken by a photographer who goes around the city taking pictures. The moments he catches are amazing. Check out if there's a 'Humans of (insert your city here)'. I promise it won't be easy to pry yourself away from this site!

Every morning and every night (and sometimes even during the middle of the day). I've been loving my new love for tea. 

Vera Bradley headbands. Cute, fun, and easy. Sometimes I even find myself planning my outfits around these headbands. 

I go through phases where I really use Pandora and ones where I don't really. I definitely made use of Pandora this month. Whether I'm doing homework, working out, or just laying around, I've been loving just turning to Pandora and listening to music for whatever mood I'm in. My favorites are the 'John Mayer' Station and the 'Dave Matthews Band' Station. 



  1. Dave Matthews Band Pandora is the best! And Tazo tea is so yummy!

  2. I am the same way with Pandora! I, too, am in the pro-Pandora phase. My favorite stations are "bubblegum" (based off Spice Girls, S Club 7, and boybands of the '90s) and the "Glee" station.