Sunday, April 29, 2012

C's April Favorites

Wow, I cannot even believe that it's the end of April!! It's time again for for our monthly favorites!

This Bobbi Brown neon pink lip gloss has been a total favorite this month. I've been wearing it pretty sheer this month, but come summer, I know I'll wear it brighter. It's so fun and so happy!
Oh my gosh, I'm going back to grade school years. These were honestly my favorite things ever. I got them a few weeks ago just because, and honestly they are soo good. I cannot even keep them near me.
Ok, I know I got this shirt in December, but I haven't been wearing it all that much. Come April, I think  I've worn this shirt more than I care to admit. It's so fantastic!!
The lululemon athletica skinny satin pirouette head band is more of a rediscovery for me. I let them sink to the bottom of my headbands, and they have now resurged and I love them. They don't come off and they are so cute!

Hair by Lady GaGa. So I haven't heard this song until now (or listened to it fully, I guess!) Even though I've had this song forever, it's a current fave!

What are your April faves? Watch for A's tomorrow!


  1. Girl, you're killing me with that gloss! Miss you C!

  2. I have that Bobbi lipgloss too - I love it!

    xx Emily @