Monday, April 16, 2012

MYMM: Babysitting

Babysitting. It's something many of us do frequently. It's a great and fun way to earn money! We all focus on keeping the kids safe and happy, but many times we forget about doing little things that are polite, and will make the parents happy!

1. Text/Call/Email to confirm. It's super easy and fast. This serves two purposes: Reminding the parents and letting them know that you didn't forget.
2. Ask the parents if there is anything that needs to be done. Does Johnny need help with his math homework? Does Jane need to clean her room? Parents will appreciate your asking!
3. Don't do anything without permission. Sure little Andy says that his mom and dad lets him order movies on demand all the time. But it's rude to spend the parents' money unless they have already told you it's ok.
4. Be sure to ask the parents how they are. It's polite and will let the parents know that you care about the family and not just making money.
5. Clean up. This doesn't mean you need to do their laundry or dust the living room. Simply put away toys and clean up the kitchen. My rule of thumb: The house should never be messier than it was when you arrived.

Keep Minding Your Manners!

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