Saturday, April 14, 2012

Ideas To Earn The Money

Well, now that you know how to market yourself, here are some ideas of what you can do!

We might be a little too old to this...

  • The standard: Babysitting!
  • Petsitting, housesitting 
Onto more "Creative" Ideas
  • Crafting. Are you an expert at something? Spend a lot of time on Pinterest? Find some cute things that you could spread the word about and make them! Fun and practical.
  • Craft Camp. I remember going to one with college aged girls as "counselors" It's easy, and you can do a few different weeks. Keep browsing Pinterest etc! This is pretty good money actually. 
  • Local Camp. A family friend does this for a few weeks every summer. She basically takes a group of kids around to local attractions. From museums to parks to landmarks. They also try different places for lunch and snacks. Also pretty good money, and fun for yourself!
  • Party Help. You know your neighbors have a handful of summer pool parties. Shoot the breeze! Offer to help serve, clean up, or bartend (if you're of age.)
  • Plant Watering. We don't mean hardcore mulching or anything, just simple watering or planting. If you've got a green thumb and elderly neighbors, this can be great.
  • Pool Maintenance. This is for pool aficionados. Neighbors would love someone to help them out while they travel or if they are older. Also, you can offer to lifeguard (if you're certified, of course.) for pool parties with younger kids.
  • Baking. If you're great at it, offer to help your family friends by baking for a brunch!
Hopefully these sparked an idea for you lovelies!

PS-Welcome home to A!!

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