Saturday, April 14, 2012

How To: Market Yourself For Summer "Work"

So, summer is drawing near for many of us. Those of us who don't already have a job and are not preoccupied with other activities might be wondering how we can make money without an "official" job. Here are some ways to market yourself!

  • Make flyers to distribute. Are you a pro house sitter? pet sitter? babysitter? birdsitter? (I did have a friend who was asked to watch over some birds...) Make a flyer or two! No, these don't have to be posted all over town, but you can have some on hand to give to neighbors, family friends, or others. A great way to advertise is through your church!
  • Calling Cards! Say you coincidentally run into a family at your neighborhood Starbucks. You get to talking, and she happens to ask if you babysit. It's good to be prepared. No need to be fancy! Just make them yourself and print them on cardstock.
  • Word of mouth. Your family can easily pass along your contact info to neighbors. Definitely explain your responsibility, patience, love for dogs etc.
  • Email! You know that your neighbors spend two weeks in California every July? Drop them an email soon, and tell them how much you would love to help!
Market yourself well ladies!! Check back tomorrow for a continuation of this topic!

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