Thursday, April 26, 2012

Dry Bar

Dry Bars...if you're like me, you haven't heard of one (C). They are no where near me! Check this out! via The Dry Bar

Basically, they only do blowouts. No cut or color. It's $35, and a great confidence booster. Because no one really can do their hair as nicely as professionals! It's great for a random night out, interviews, travel, you name it. Both via the website linked above.

It looks like they are mostly in California, Texas, Georgia, Arizona and New York. Have you tried this before? Would you?



  1. I haven't tried one because there isn't one near me, but I totally would if I could! I believe they also have them in Toronto (Ontario, Canada).

  2. Not anywhere near me, either, but they sound awesome!

  3. Ahhh I love going to the dry bar in Scottsdale! It's an instant pick me up for your hair and it saves me so much time getting ready because my blow out stays great for a few days! It's a definite must try if you're ever near one.