Saturday, April 21, 2012

Nail Drying

So, it's no secret that we (A+C) love love love nail polish. We love having our nails painted at all times. So, I (C) found this on RealSimple. This is the tip from RealSimple...putting your nails in ice water. Below is what Real Simple said:

Dunk your hands in a bowl of ice-cold water. "The cold water freeze-dries polish, sealing and hardening it quickly," says Belinda Rivera, a nail specialist in Austin, Texas. Allow nails to air-dry for two minutes, then submerge in ice-cold water for three minutes, which is enough time for the polish to harden completely.

Is this something you do or will try? Let us know! It's saved me a ton of time! Happy Saturday!


  1. Awesome tip; wouldn't have known! I used to love painting my nails, too, but my job won't let me.

  2. I do this!! I just run them under cold cold water from the tap. I think it makes a difference for sure.

  3. Thanks for the tip! I love painted nails but hate having to wait for them to dry and not being able to do anything!
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