Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Keeping Up With Current Affairs

Current events. We may not all be news junkies, but,  I (C) happen to find it super important to keep up with what is going on locally, nationally, and internationally. 
Here's Why:
  • It's something to talk about. Whether it's with your parents, professor, peer,  or the lady checking out in front of you at Target, the news is all something relevant.
  • It's impressive. Not many young people can say that they do keep up with the news at all, and our elders love concerned and aware youth.
  • It's bound to come up in your classes come fall. If you're in a history class, it's going to come up for sure. History repeats itself, and you can always make a past connection with something that is happening today. 
  • Do it for yourself! It's necessary to be aware of the world around you and beyond your school and family. It's great practice for later on!

But, we know it's not necessarily going to be easy to start this habit. So, here our some tips:

  • Subscribe to a news email list. USA Today offers a free letter everyday, and you can select your choices! It's super easy to check it out on the way to class or as you drink your morning latte.
  • Make a habit of watching at least part of your local news once a day. Normally, the most important things are first, so even if you only get 10 minutes in, you'll get most of the significant stories covered.
  • The same with the national news. Try to catch a few minutes everyday!
  • Follow news stations/newspapers' twitter accounts. You check twitter all the time, and probably are already following Perez Hilton, why not throw in FoxNews or NBC to the mix? 
  • Make a habit of bringing the news up in conversations; your parents will love this!! Come fall, you'll be able to talk to teachers about the news, which is great practice for the workforce where you'll be expected to know what is going on.
Do you keep up with the news? Let us know if you have any other tips.

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  1. Great work. I am highly obliged that you are sharing current affairs of 2012 with us. I really like that you are posting on daily basis and that too with good typical news which i didn't get from anywhere. Being IAS aspirant at, i really appreciate your work