Monday, July 9, 2012

MYMM: Froyo/Ice Cream Shops

I bet you're wondering why there is a post on manners at an ice cream store...Yes it's totally odd. But, I (C) was at a local frozen yogurt place last week and was appalled at people's behavior.

1. Don't sample dozens of flavors. If you're curious about the new raspberry orange gelato, try a sample! But, if you're the one sampling chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry, other customers will get annoyed and you'll hold up the line.
2. Be ready to order if it's crowded. If you're amongst dozens of other people at Maggie Moos, it can be annoying to others if you're contemplating between cookie dough or oreo ice cream with a line out the door! (same goes at Froyo places! move as quick as possible!)
3. Don't take up extra chairs. Seating is prime on a hot summer night!
4. Clean up all cones/spoons/napkins/bowls. Obviously.
5. Smile and say thank you! No surprise we end on this note!


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  1. Working at an ice cream place, I definitely agree with all of this!! Especially 1 & 2, haha!