Monday, July 30, 2012

MYMM: Awkward Questions

Did you get a scholarship? What was your SAT score? Do you have a job/internship yet? Is that what you really wanted to do?

AH. Every single one of us is being asked a form of the dreaded personal/awkward question. Somehow, these have become acceptable questions to ask. all. the. time. Here are our tips for handling these questions gracefully.

1. Be vague. What was your ACT score? Oh, I was pretty happy with it! I worked really hard. If you're comfortable saying you got in the upper twenties, go for it. But don't feel obligated.
2. Say you're happy/excited. Even if you wanted to go to a school, but got rejected, don't feel like you have to say. If you act happy about it, you prevent potential negativity.
3. Change the topic. Nosy Mrs. Nicholas won't stop asking you about your job, change the subject-ask her about her children, the weather, her summer vacation...people should get the memo that you don't want to share details.
4. Worst case scenario: Simply say you would rather not talk about it. It's perfectly ok not to give into the pressure.

Remember, you can handle awkward questions!


  1. Thank you for this! I am the absolute worst with awkward questions, haha.

  2. Some great advice!

    I usually just smile and say 'Why do you ask?' The smile keeps it friendly and it's an easy way to avoid an awkward question.