Monday, July 2, 2012

The Queen B of Celebrity Children

In light of the news of TomKat's recent divorce, we had to put together a little style inspiration from the one and only queen of the lucky sperm club, Suri Cruise.

I mean seriously- girl has her own fashion blog and online burn book.

Spotted wearing a Juicy Couture dress in Kent, CT (aka the home of my beloved sleep away camp). Girl looks like she should have millions of celebrity children minions following her, am I right?

Check out that cute dress peaking out from behind that massive Angelina Ballerina stuffed thing. Chic. 

More florals. Suri def loves florals. Look at her drinking Pellegrino without a care in the world. 

Mexican style dress + fur + cupcake. Need we say more?

Of course Suri wore it best. She is the reigning champion of the celebrity children world.

The Queen sporting a crown and kitten heels. The only being on this earth who can rock a kitten heel.

Ok so while this post was really just a joke, we are actually sort of sad by the news of the divorce. 

RIP TomKat. 

Stay Chic, Suri. 


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  1. OMG, I seriously love Suri! She is so adorable and well dressed!