Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Brush Up

Ah, makeup brushes. I received a request to post the makeup brushes I actually use and which ones I use for what product. I am going to flat out say that I use the absolute bare minimum in brushes. I probably should have more than I actually have. My mom only uses Bobbi Brown brushes, and she bought me several when I first started to wear makeup. I still use all of them to this day and I have added more to my collection! All brushes and photos are found on Bobbi Brown's website under the brush section here.

Eye Shadow Brush-Use for basically all eye shadows.

Eye Liner-Used to apply cake liner. (also for gel, but I don't use gel.)

Cream Shadow-for applying cream shadows.

Angle Eye Liner-Used for applying all over/crease.

Face Blender-Used to blend out face products, and to apply my shimmer brick.

Bronzer-used for bronzer.
Blush-used for applying blush.

Others that I don't own but many people would use:

I love my Bobbi brushes, but they are expensive. Let us know if you have other brands that maybe are less expensive that you still love!

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  1. I'll be the first to admit I know zero about brushes! I really need to invest!