Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Get Well Soon

I received this question on tumblr: Anonymous asked: hey C-I love your blog and tumblr, you're so inspiring to me. I know you've dealt with much illness, and I have a friend who just got diagnosed with lymphoma. My friends and I want to put together a basket-but I would love some input from someone who knows the feeling of being hospitalized. thanks!

Safe to say, this made my day! Here are my suggestions:

-Pick a cute basket or reusable grocery bags!
Blankets: I still sleep with one that I got when I was 7 post op!!
iTunes Giftcards
DVDs: Please make them fun chick flicks. I got PS I Love You after a surgery, and I cried. Comedy is key.
Fun Magazines
PJ Pants: If you're recovering, you will be living in these! This is a great way to always have your friend think of you!
Coloring Books: Actually, these are fun. There are so many cute ones out there!
Colored Pens/Notepads/Notecards: Especially if you're like me and wrote a lot of thank you notes!
Fuzzy Socks
Nail Polish
Cute Cup: You have to really keep fluid in you, why not have a darling cup?
Lotion/Chapstick: For those of you with no hospital experience, your skin gets extremely dry. I got body butter from one of aunts one time, and it's now a tradition because it is SO helpful.

Bring food. Unless you know what his/her dietary limitations are or if she has an appetite, it's useless. Plus, I cannot tell you how many ice cream/cookies/cupcakes/cake pops he/she will get. Same goes for candy, it is such a bummer when you cannot eat one of your favorites!
Bring anything hospital related. No. Please do not.
Flowers. This is totally personal, but I feel like flowers are not the best gift to give from a friend to a friend. I feel like they are less personal, even though it is a nice thought.

Hope this helped! Let us know what you think!

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