Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Splurge or Steal

Last weekend, a friend of mine was sporting this AE boots, and I could not believe it! They look so good and so high quality. While $80 isn't a "total steal", we think it's a good price for riding boots!

Love these or leave these?


  1. I definitely wouldn't spend $500 on riding boots, but I do think they are something to splurge on because if you take care of them they last a long time! However, these AE boots look like a great steal!

    xx Emily @

  2. definitely a good price!!
    xo dVb

  3. I got my riding boots from Rack Room this past year right after Christmas for about $70! They have held up well and if you are always on your feet or at school in my case, you wouldn't want something major to mess up your $500 pair of shoes.

  4. Pretty good price for a good looking pair! I do think riding boots are worth investing in though!