Sunday, October 21, 2012

How To: Be Adored By College Reps

It's crucial for every high school student, either now or in the future. College admission reps meet hundreds of prospective students every year. Here is how to make yourself stand out!

1. Talk to them in person every chance you get. Juniors and Seniors especially: if that college rep to your dream school visits your school, you better be there. It's bad policy to show up as a senior and be highly interested in a college: already visited, applied, etc. But if the rep doesn't know your name, what good is it?
2. Ask them questions. Ask them how they like your city and what they loved about college. Seriously, they love it because it shows genuine interest.
3. Follow up every visit/conversation with a note. Our guideline for notes: email for a brief meeting, note for an official interview/visit/presentation. You want them to remember you right away, before they meet more students! Email is much more effective for a casual hello at a college fair than for an interview, in which a handwritten thank you note is imperative.
4. Be genuine. Don't say cliche things. Ask genuine questions that ARE NOT ON THE WEBSITE. Seriously, if you ask how big the college is, you come off uninformed.
5. Smile, give a good handshake. Smile when you meet them. It's nice to meet you Ms. Smith! or, How is life going to Wesleyan, Mr. Daniels? Shake hands when you start and end the conversation. It's crazy how many teenagers don't do this.
6. Act excited about the college. An admission rep (who I became close with) told me that all reps would love me if I acted so sincerely interested and excited about the college. I think it's true, it helps.
7. Look neat. College fairs or presentations are not the time to look like a mess. Put on some cords and a sweater, and you will stand out as the girl who cared about her appearance and isn't wearing her lulus and a sweatshirt.

Be your lovely selves!

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  1. From my experience working in an admissions office, I would have to emphasize how important it is, as you mentioned,to do your research first! It can be so beneficial to ask good questions, especially when you don't have a lot of time to meet with the school representative!