Sunday, October 7, 2012

TEXTure Me

With the coming of fall comes many new textures. Suede, velvet, corduroy, cable knit...oh my! Here are three "textu(re)ally" interesting looks. 

1. Silk + Leather + Suede: This look screams elegant and sophisticated. Great for a formal event, meeting, name it!
2. Cable Knit + Corduroy + Python Leather: This look is so comfy and cozy for the fall, shopping, church, lunch, work or internship. This look travels for miles
3. Denim + Velvet + Leather: My favorite look-velvet leggings are such a fun twist on the normal leggings we reach for when we thrown on a denim shirt. Throw on some boots and you're all set.

1. Do not mix suede/velvet/corduroy as a general rule.
2. If you're playing it up with textures, keep color toned down. 
3. Please do not wear an outfit all in one texture. (head to toe velvet or suede...not so great.)
4. Don't wear the same texture for pants and shoes.
5. A scarf is an easy way to throw in texture fast.
6. Have fun with it, of course!

Do you love to play up texture? Let us know what looks you love!

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  1. I love love love corduroys for fall! Definitely going to try to do some of these formulas!