Thursday, October 4, 2012

Fall Outerwear

It's officially getting cooler. Temperatures are finally dropping. Could it be? It's about time to get out our fall outerwear! While we posted winter outerwear, fall is a little different! Here are our favorites.

1. Barbour Coat: This is a Beadnell, and pretty common. It seems to be a good layering jacket.
2. Puffy Coat: For those mornings when we run to Starbucks or home from the gym, a puffer coat can offer warmth, but it's much more casual.
3. Quilted/Puffer Vest: Another one of those great layering pieces!
4. Fleece: Everyone has their favorite, from Patagonia to Mountain Hardwear to Old Navy. Fleece jackets and pullovers are nice and comfy.
5. Rain Jacket: Any sort of rain jacket is crucial for those on college campuses! Good to keep on hand.
6. Peacoat: Whether you prefer short or long, pea coats are classic and will be worn for years to come!

What are your favorites pieces of outerwear for fall?


  1. First of all I love your posts :) And I love to wear vests in fall :)
    xo dVb

  2. I just bought myself a fleece and I love it - so cosy! I received a quilted vest last Christmas and I seriously wear it all the time. I've been looking in to Barbour jackets for a while now and have become obsessed - one is definitely going on my Christmas list this year!