Thursday, May 17, 2012

A's Summer Go To Looks

Grace- Great suggestion!! Love it. FYI- Any of our followers who have any suggestions for posts, don't hesitate to let us know. Seriously though, we love hearing from you. 

Look 1: I'm not going to lie, this is undoubtedly my favorite look of the three. I'm all about looking chic on the beach. I'm also 100% terrified of the sun, so naturally I had to include a big floppy hat for this look. And don't forget the sunnies! And the tunic! 

Look 2: I'm a big supporter of the nautical look. Throw on some cute white jeans, navy and white stripes, and some cute espadrilles and you're ready to go for basically any occasion. Whether its a meal at the club or a casual day at work, this look is so versatile. Please note- These Jack Rogers espadrilles add a whole other level of cuteness with the metallic color!

Look 3: I'm such a foodie. Any allocation of time that allows me to stay out late dining with friends is a love of mine (that's like...what the summer is all about). I'm also a big supporter of wearing as much white as possible during the warmer months because HELLO- it makes you look tanner than you are! This is my go to dinner outfit. White Lilly dress and turquoise Jack Rogers sandals. Done and done. 



  1. OMG I'm in love with that hat!! Where is it from??

  2. Love that dinner outfit!! And nautical stripes are perfect for summer. :)

  3. Ellie- I bought it from a local boutique, but here are some similar(ish) ones: