Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Grad Gifts at $150 and Under

For family members or very close friends, or maybe ideas for yourself, these are all great gifts. Note: we're trying to be as gender neutral as possible!

These are truly the most perfect gift for any college girl. We both love these and use them often. Small runs $125, more purselike, and large $145, more tote bag/book bag like.

This is the perfect boy or girl gift. Everyone loves to have music, but this is an easy thing to forget, but will be used a lot!

These range in price, from $100 and up (one pictured is at $150) But an essential for those college all nighters!

Again gender neutral. While these will not be wearable quite yet, the students up east will appreciate this once an unexpected cold day strikes.



  1. I got my first Longchamp last year & I've used it almost every day (I don't carry much to class, but the small version fits EVERYTHING I need). Over Winter Break, I used my mom's Keurig more than she did, so my parents bought me my own for my birthday! Perfect for my new apartment! Great picks, ladies!

  2. These are all such great ideas! They're so practical (I actually don't think I could live without my fleece) and I love how they could be used in college, too!

  3. Patagonias and Longchamps are both absolutely essential to me! Great suggestions.