Friday, May 18, 2012

Exam Week 101

Exams. Blah. The APs are mostly over, but soon it will be time for you to start studying for typical school exams. We've both been through many semesters of exams, and have found a few helpful tricks along the way.

we all feel this way sometimes, don't we?

  • Start early. Yes, we know this is hard. Studying early doesn't always work out because you're working on other things. But it's so important to not procrastinate, trust us, we've learned that the hard way.
  • Sleep. Yes, we know that pulling all nighters is super common before exams. We also know that we won't really remember cellular respiration we studied at 4AM for an exam at 10AM. There have been many studies shown that prove you need at least some sleep.
  • Plan out a schedule. This doesn't have to be down to the minute, but it should be planned out so that you know you have enough time to get it all together.
  • Do you get study guides? If so, lucky lucky you. Do them. All by yourself. Yes, collaborating with your bestie might save time, but you're not going to retain things that Janie Smith emailed you the day before the exam. 
  • Dress for success. (see post soon!) No, you don't need to wear a suit, but being put together is crucial, you'll feel better about yourself.
  • Take time to relax in between subjects. Just 10 minutes. Mediate. Shower. Play with your pet. something to clear your head.
  • Morning of, do something that makes you feel good. Does getting a skinny vanilla iced latte make your mornings better? Anything like that or even as simple as using a different soap in the shower. Something to start your day off positively.
  • Eat breakfast. No one wants a growling stomach in exams.
  • Lastly, and most importantly, let go post exam. It's over. You can't change it. Whatever happens, happens. You just need to know you tried your best.

Keep watching for more tips! Study hard.

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  1. This is great! I find I learn something new from every single final I take and I love learning more tips! It's also so inspiring to see these posts, makes me want to start planning for my June finals now...maybe!