Saturday, May 12, 2012

Roof Down, Music Blasting

The weather in NY is finally starting to feel like Springtime weather should feel. The sun is out and the temps are up. Today, I (A) fully intend on driving around town with my hair down, the windows open, the roof down, and the music blasting. Here's one of my current favorites that I will undoubtedly have on repeat.

What songs will you be blasting as you cruise around enjoying this beautiful weather?



  1. Love that song! Just downloaded it to my ipod this past weekend!

  2. I drove up to South Carolina from FL yesterday and had a full playlist for the trip. I'm currently obsessing over Rihanna's raunchy "Birthday Cake" only because it's my birthday week... and it's too easy to have CAKECAKECAKECAKE stuck in your head haha!