Friday, May 4, 2012

High Heels, High Hopes

This past weekend I (A) was babysitting and shared such a precious moment with the girl I was watching. She had just gotten her first pair of heels and had absolutely no clue how to walk in them. Naturally, I had to give her a lesson in how to walk (confidently) in her new heels. Long story short: after being scared to walk in front of me in the heels, she finally put them on and by the end of our lesson she would not take them off. She had those babies on for about 4 hours. Obviously my work there had been done.

That precious moment got me thinking about my first pair of high heels. My first pair of really high shoes were a pair of brown Juicy Couture wedges in 7th grade. I went on my annual birthday shopping trip with my aunt and begged and pleaded with her for these shoes. Of course, I got them. At the time, the 4.5 inch wedge was entirely too high for me, but (somehow) the shoes still fit me today! They're still in beautiful shape and I actually wore them to a birthday dinner last weekend.

I love brown wedges. There's something especially endearing about a brown wedge. Dress them up or dress them down, they're chic, fun, and far more comfortable than stiletto heels. They also add a bit of a boho feel to an outfit. Here are some that we are loving for this spring/summer.

Definitely a splurge item, but they're the absolute perfect brown wedge!
By Max Mara

Straight off the runway. So chic.
By Rebecca Minkoff

These are too cute. Dying to have these for this summer. 
By Jack Rogers

Classic look. 
By Madewell

Tory always does it right.
By Tory Burch



  1. such a cute post! I love those Tory wedges & will recommend them to my sorority sisters for recruitment :)

  2. Wedges (in any color) are my absolute go-to when I need to look cute :)

  3. That story is too cute! Those Tory wedges are absolutely darling!