Sunday, May 20, 2012

What We Need For Exams

So, as A wraps up exams, and as C's exams commence this week, we realize that there are a few things we must have during exams. No, not the our binders and books, but a few other things that help along the way.

Colored pens are way more fun than the traditional black and blue options. Not only are they cute and fun, they also make it much easier to stay organized from topic to topic, especially for visual learners.
Gum. While we certainly do not support chewing gum in public, we also realize it can help while studying. It gives you something to do mindlessly, and doesn't eating a whole bag of sour patch kids in one sitting (so guilty...). Plus, they say chewing gum helps keep you focused, while I have no idea if it's true, you never know!
We both love iced coffee. It helps us get through exams, Starbucks or not.
Oh, and we have to say that we love love Pandora, as you already know. It's great to study to, or to listen to in between breaks or just as you get organized.

Do you have anything you love to help study?

1 comment:

  1. I use all of the above when I study! I also like to have a buddy, either one of my sorority sisters or my boyfriend. We always agree to keep each other on task and coordinate our breaks for the same time. Rewards after 45 minutes include Froyo, a TV show, or sometimes a glass of wine haha!