Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Grad Gifts at $30ish

If you're like A and I, you're attending tons of graduation parties for everyone. Whether it be your bestie from high school, a family friend, or your vice president of French club, we all need gifts. When you're buying lots of gifts for people, it can get expensive. Here are our ideas for gifts at around $30, or under, except for one at $32.

These are so cute and easy. You can pick gold or silver, and at $24, they are easy to stock up on. Plus, Nordstrom will box them for you!

Bonus points if you know the school, though neither of us live/go here! This is an awesome gift. They are $25 and are relatively new. Useful for everyone, boys too!

These are a steal at $23. These are the perfect and durable bags that can go with you to work out when all you want to take are your keys, ipod, and headphones. Cute and unique!

This is our most expensive gift at $32, but still so cute and so easy. Multi purpose use: tailgates, beach, overnight bag, you name it!

Again totally gender neutral, and unique. These are so perfect and contain the little things you might forget. A great steal at $25.

What will you be giving your graduating friends?


  1. Alex and Ani bracelets are so fun! I love collecting them. Small giftcards to starbucks are always good graduation gifts too!

  2. Dorm Survival Kits are fun and even better when you make them yourself! When I was a Freshman in HS, a lot of my friends were Seniors, so I made them "Homesickness Cures" which were baskets of all things they would miss about being home.

  3. I have the Lilly Pulitzer insulated cooler and love to use mine as a beach bag! Definitely a great gift!
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  4. It's a UVA tumbler!! wahoowa!

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