Thursday, May 10, 2012

Met Gala Fabulousness

The Met Gala. Fashion at its finest. Here were some of our favorite looks.

Lana del Rey is perfection. The dark lips are beautiful. The cape is a little much, but she can completely pull it off in typical 'darky and sexy' fashion.

Amber Heard. Straight up beautiful. Not to mention- her date was Zac Posen!

Allison Williams. Simple and beautiful. An FYI- She's also on my (A) new favorite show, Girls...but I promise I'm not biased. 

Claire Danes and Hugh Dancy. So much beauty in one picture. 

Kristin looking super classy. Such a feminine and retro feel to this dress- I'm in love!

Gwynnie. So perfect. I don't even need to say anything about this one.

Obsessed with this color on Diana. Gorgeous!

I love this color and the style of this dress. So classy. And any girl who can rock the short hair like Ginnifer deserves a shout out. 




  1. Love Kristen Wig's look and oh goodness, Amber Heard is knocking it out the park! Gorgeous dress!

  2. I wore the same color as Allison Williams to my senior prom in '09! Glad to see it on a celebrity haha