Saturday, May 19, 2012

Exam Week Chic

Dress for success is said all the time. What about exam week? Wearing yoga pants and a tee shit makes us want to sleep and feel sloppy. Here is what we wear!

Look 1: The maxi. Easy and comfy. Make sure you have a cardigan so you don't get cold. Wear: Jack Rogers or flip flops.
Look 2: Shorts and a cardigan. Cute and put together. easy. Wear with Jack Rogers or Sperry's
Look 3: Go this route if it's not blazing hot where you live or if you're cold. Flats work best here,

Remember: LAYERS!

What do you wear for exams?


  1. My exam outfit is more like Look 2. I usually keep my makeup simple and my hair up in a bun so I'm not tempted to play with it. I don't need any more distractions from the test lol

  2. Ah! There's a typo in the introduction! Shirt is missing an "r."