Tuesday, May 8, 2012

It's A Cultural Thing

You might be wondering what the heck the title means. I'm talking about mineral water. A lot of my (C) family has spent time living or growing up in Europe. In my little girl years, I would ask my grandmother for a glass of water. Every time, it was a glass of Pellegrino or Voss. At age 4, I didn't really appreciate "bubble water", as I called it. As I've grown, I've also grown to love sparkling water. Part of it was maturing taste buds, but another part has been a family push. Only recently have I learned that sparkling water isn't liked by a lot of people. 

Reasons to drink sparkling water:
  • It's very healthy with all of the minerals it has.
  • It's much healthier than that diet coke many are addicted to.
  • The bottles above and below are so darling.
  • It's still got the "bubbles" without the calories and sugar.
  • It's super refreshing.
  • For those who don't like it plain, lemon and orange flavored options are available.

Do you like sparkling water? Do you have a favorite?

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