Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas Craft!

Yes, you read the title right. A craft. Now, I'm no Martha Stewart. But, my mother is! This is a super easy and fun little craft: Peppermint Trees. No, this isn't from interest, although this might be on there by now. Last winter, my mom found these darling peppermint trees at a boutique. She was slightly alarmed when they were $40 a piece, so she decided to make her own! (and I made one too!)

1. Supplies: Hot glue gun, peppermint balls (unwrapped) and styrofoam cones.
2. Unwrap the peppermints.
3. Hot glue around cone

-Start from the bottom.
-Turn them all the same way.
-Can alternate with other candy (peppermint flats), which looks darling.

Finished Product:

Disclosure: This is the one I made, not my mother. Hers are PERFECT. Mine isn't, but I had to show my own work :)

Have you ever tried this? Will you? 

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