Saturday, December 8, 2012

Exam Shopping!

You read that right: exam shopping. Every time exams come around, I like to go and pick up some supplies and motivation to help me get through the dreaded tests. Some of the things are necessities, others, not so much. (note: I don't buy all of this every time, but these are my 

1. Colored Pens
2. New Mechanical Pencils (I always do this, scantrons!)
3. Post It Flags (yes, I will go through a whole packet each time.)
4. Coffee Mug (motivates me to drink it from home, and great for tea at night.)
5. New Post-Its (again, I go through insane amounts.)
6. New Nail Polish (it's more fun to be staring at your hands, editing, writing, or typing if your nails are festive.)
7. New Music (study playlists!)
8. Index Cards
9. Gum (it helps you remember things...? who knows, but I'll try!)
10. Fun Socks 
11. Candle

Is there anything you always buy pre-exam week?
let us know!

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  1. I love this, because I do the exact same thing. Buying office supplies is the best way to feel productive without actually having to study :). The last time I had to really sit down and work, I bought fancy pens--there's really nothing better than using a good pen to take notes with. Also tea--super important!