Wednesday, December 19, 2012


When we go out, we take a smaller purse or clutch. Yes, it creates problems for many of us. How do you decide what to keep in them, especially when space is at a premium?

1. Phone: Fully charged, of course!
2. Lipstick of the evening
3. Coin Purse with ID/Credit Card/Cash: Avoid leaving these loose in your purse! It's also great to find a purse with pockets for ID and credit cards!
4. Rollerball of Fragrance
5. Listerine Strips: They take up so much less room than a tin of mints. Also, they are fast. IF you just ate something and that hot guy is headed your way, you can pop one and have fresh breath in under 30 seconds.
6. Deodorant: Especially if you get hot easily or you're dancing!
7. Blotting Linens



  1. Great post. I always forget about blotting liners even though they should stay in my purse/clutch 24/7.

  2. This is the perfect check list for New Year's Eve. I wish I could pin this for my Holiday Requirements board.

    1. Dana-Feel free to right click and save it and then upload it! Just link it back to :)
      We appreciate the love!
      If that doesn't work, drop us an email at kennedysamongstkardashians (at) gmail (dot) com and I'd be glad to email you the image!