Friday, December 28, 2012

KAK Year in Review

We cannot believe KAK is almost one year old! For fun: we thought would show you the most viewed posts of the year and the most viewed countries!

1. Make Your Own Monogram Desktop
2. Croakies (surprising actually)
3. Nail Polish Favorites: Summer 2012
4. I've Got The Magic: Magic Mike Review (ok this one is a serious double take...583 people read that?!)
5. Summer Hair, Don't Care
Did we ever post something you just LOVED? Let us know, we're curious!


  1. Congrats on your almost one year blog-versary! I enjoy reading your blog on an almost daily basis, but I particularly enjoy the Mind Your Manners Monday posts.

    1. Katie-Thanks so much! We love writing MYMM posts, and we will keep them coming!! Appreciate the love!

  2. I second the Mind Your Manners Monday! C knows I'm an etiquette fiend! Hope y'all had a lovely Christmas! I'm looking forward to watching KAK grow in the new year!