Monday, December 10, 2012

MYMM: Testing 1, 2, 3

Testing. You're probably in the middle of or about to be taking exams. We think (and know) that there are a few basic rules to follow.  No one wants to be the irritating person sitting in front of you.

1. Don't talk about how much or how little you studied. We all have that friend who says she "studied 20 minutes" for an APUSH exam and gets a 4. We have that friend who says "I studied 9 hours and I don't feel prepared." Yup. It's annoying and can lead to excessive stress.
2. Do not smack gum, tap your feet, or click your pen. Oh my gosh talk about an easy and annoying distraction. Sophomore year, I was sitting next to a girl who tapped her feet during the whole 90 minute European History exam. If you have a chronic habit, cross your legs, don't chew gum, or don't use a clicking pen. Your fellow test takers will thank you.
3. Be prompt. Yes, someone is bound to walk in 5 minutes late to an exam with Starbucks in hand. #whitegirlproblem. Don't let that be you. Try to arrive 5-10 minutes early. (or 15 if you're neurotic about where you sit.)
4. Don't ask people what they got for a certain question. It's so easy to do. You thought about 21 the whole time and couldn't decide between b or c. Chances are, the other person won't remember. Or you'll disagree and stress yourself out saying you "failed"
5. That being, don't say you aced/failed the exam. Yikes, talk about bad karma. Just say: I didn't think it was too challenging or it was much harder than I expected!
6. Thank your professor and proctors!

Let us know if we missed anything!

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