Saturday, February 11, 2012

Be Mine, Valentine Series: Day 5

As promised, we're going to talk about gift swaps for Valentine's day! Gift exchange parties are a really fun way to forget about any thoughts you may have about being #ForeverAlone (yes I just hashtagged...). Don't let this Hallmark holiday get you down. Here are some party planning suggestions: 
  • As the host of the party, planning is key. Make a list of friends you are inviting and from that last, match people up for the gift exchange. Each guest should be paired up with another guest to give a gift to. 
  • Whether you plan to cook yourself or have the party catered, accumulate a list of foods to serve at the party. Food is a necessity. Try to serve pink or red colored foods to tie into the Valentine's Day theme. (For ideas, I suggest referring back to our Red Velvet 'Cupcake in a Jar' recipe.) 
  • Make it seem super legitimate by sending out cute Valentine's Day themed invites to all of your friends. Who doesn't love getting letters in the mail? Also, make it clear who each guest will be giving their gift to and what the dress code is. Casual or fancy, your guests must look fabulous! 
  • So the day of the party arrives and you are setting up/making preparations. Designate a certain area of the house for the gift exchange to occur. I always love the living room/sitting room setting where everyone has a seat to sit and watch others open up their gifts. 
  • You're all set up and the guests are arriving. Give a warm welcome to your friends, have a lovely time, and open up a wonderful Valentine's Day gift!
We bet you were too busy having a great time to think about your #SingleGirlProblems. 



  1. FYI- Mentioned you guys in a blog and linked back to your blog. Hope you don't mind...(if you do, let me know and I'll take it down)

  2. OMG of course we don't mind!! We are so flattered. That was so sweet of you, Melissa!! xoxo, A+C

    PS- So glad you liked the monogram desktop post. Yours looks FABULOUS!

  3. Sounds super fun! Love this idea.